Saturday, December 28, 2013

100 Words a Day 499

Her friends all described him as they yummy bartender. She found him rather slimy; he was constantly hitting on women her friends’ age, considerably less than his own. The prices were okay though and her friends really liked the bar, so she consented to go.

Tonight was particularly bad. The creepy bartender would not leave her alone. She felt like every drink he served her came with a leer that made her skin crawl. Taking her latest drink, she turned away as quickly as possible, pretending to scan the crowd. Her eye did notice something in that feigned glance however.

100 Words a Day 498

The alarm went off at five thirty, as it had for the past week. Jason leapt out of bed, though not perhaps, with as much enthusiasm as earlier in the week. His first thought was still the same though; maybe I’ll see her today.

The previous Monday he had seen her in the square, on his way to an early appointment, and had been rising early every morning since, hoping to see her again.

He arrived at the square, still bleary-eyed, and ordered a coffee, hoping to clear his head a little. After waiting an hour, he went home dejected.

Friday, December 27, 2013

100 Words a Day 497

Ada Hatelace walked away from the scattered bodies, whose eyes were clouded by death, and approached the pedestal. The object she sought sat serenely atop the smooth, stone stand. It was difficult to discern the details of the figurine; it glowed by some inner light that forced her to shield her eyes, weakened as they were by the darkness.

Just as the old man said, she thought to herself as she picked up the statue and placed it in her belt pouch. As she left, she was keenly aware of the weight of the luminous sculpture bouncing against her thigh.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

100 Words a Day 496

“Do you have any idea what I can do to you? Do you? David shouted at Brent. “I own computers! I own the internet! I’ll put you in every criminal database and ruin your credit. I’ll destroy you!”

“Actually,” Brent responded in a calm, measured tone, “I do know what you can do.”

David was taken aback a moment. Then he felt a sharp impact on the back of his skull, and a second when he felt his face hit the pavement.

“See, David,” Brent continued, “while you may own the internet. I have a friend and two baseball bats.”

100 Words a Day 495

The doorbell rang. She looked through the peephole; it was him. She opened the door, smiling. He had a rose. She lit up. The crimson petals matched her dress. He handed her the flower and she inhaled deeply, feeling the enchanting fragrance send shivers down her spine. Then she noticed his outfit. The white shirt he wore was fitted, showing off the work he had put into his upper body. He wore a black tie. After a moment they walked to the car. He opened the car door for her and she saw eleven more roses on the car seat.

100 Words a Day 494

She thought dinner was excellent, the lighting low, the d├ęcor tasteful, and the food exotic.

He thought it was dim, the table cluttered, and the food suspicious.

From their seats at the ballet they could see the emotion in the eyes of the dancers.

It’s people wiggling around. He thought.

After, she smiled with delight, thanked him for a wonderful evening, and gave him a peck before preparing for bed.

Despite spending an exorbitant sum on food he didn’t like and boring dancing, that smile lighting up her eyes and the lingering sensation of her lips made it worth it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

100 Words a Day 493

Damn it, I thought. I missed the block again. I felt the sword slide through my leathers, leaving behind a new hole. I fell to my knees with a grunt. You got used to the pain, in that you knew what to expect and how much it would hurt. It always hurt as much as the time before though.

I came to at the bonfire. I was getting tired of waking up to that same view. I checked my armor. The leather had been repaired, leaving only a neat stitch to remind me I had been stabbed. I stood up.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

100 Words a Day 492

He woke upon feeling the covers move as she slipped back into bed.

“I was just throwing some logs on the fire,” she whispered in his ear.

He smiled and wrapped her up in his arms, letting the smell of her hair permeate his brain. She shut her eyes and nestled close.

Sighing, he looked out the window.

Outside, the stillness was broken only by the snow was falling in large, soft flakes. It settled on the grass, covering the ground in cool, crisp, silence. Inside the stillness was broken only by the crackling orange and red of the fire.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

100 Words a Day 491, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back Bonus Word

Lawrence turned over, trying to escape the light that was beginning to creep through his window. He groaned inwardly. His big presentation was today and he had been unable to sleep most of the night, finally finding himself uhtcearing as the sun rose. He had tried everything he could think of to fall asleep, but to no avail. At last he had found himself making a futile attempt to will himself to sleep, but instead was lying awake thinking about the impending day. As the light became more invasive, he realized it was hopeless and hauled himself out of bed.

You can find the original article these words were all drawn from here

100 Words a Day 490, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 20/20

He was tired by eventide, having worked most of the daylight hours. He shut his computer and donned his coat, preparing to brave the winter cold while waiting for the bus. He passed by Veronica’s desk and gave it a forlorn look. That day she had worn a red and orange dress, making her a stand out like a fire in the night against the colorless walls that he inhabited. He had never spoken to her; she arrived after him, left before, and they never worked on the same project. He wished he could find some excuse to say hello.

100 Words a Day 489, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 19/20

Barbigerous was the term often used to describe the guard. To a man, they cultivated long, flowing, and luxuriant beards. The two standing at the portcullis had particularly substantial examples of what a man could do if he put his mind to it. The first guard’s beard seemed to glow, so healthy was its sheen. He kept it braided and decorated it was bits of gold and silver. The second man’s beard was unkempt. It was black and prickly with a few streaks of grey. People had been known to describe him as a man walking behind an angry bush.

100 Words a Day 488, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 18/20

Dene stepped through the dull metal door, leaving the sterile corridor behind and entering the ship’s nature dome. She was assaulted by a myriad of hues, bright and sharp, that were otherwise absent from the rest of her life in utilitarian passageways and workstations on The Guzzler. After several moments of being overwhelmed by the colors, her eyes adjusted and she was able to distinguish the various flora and fauna that populated the ship’s verdant oasis. Looking up at the sky, she saw several birds reaching the highest point of the welkin. Though holographic, they were still creatures of beauty.

100 Words a Day 487, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 17/20

The economic troubles in America in the first half of the twenty first century caused considerable reevaluation of their political elite. Mounting catastrophes, ranging from quagmire wars to a botched attempt at universal healthcare, perpetrated through the deception of the populous or at the behest of private industry, made it obvious to the average citizen that those in charge had ceased to value the precepts upon which the country had been founded and were instead simple snollygusters.

Backlash began peacefully, but angry dissatisfaction eventually resulted in more violent protests and harsher suppression thereof. Predictably, the final outcome was violent revolution.

100 Words a Day 486, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 16/20

They found their lost cow in a gory mess deep in the troll’s cave. The large monster was guttling great handfuls of the poor beast’s flesh, shoveling them into its gaping mouth as fast as it was able. They watched silently from the shadows as blood and bits of innards dripped down the troll’s bulbous face.

A loud noise from behind caused them to turn. They froze when they saw a second troll ambling down the tunnel, outlined by the cool light of the moon streaming through the cave entrance. They were suddenly quite trapped with no way to escape.

100 Words a Day 485, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 15/20

When the bell rang, the bench went wild. It was their first win in years, and against last year’s champions. The players were jumping up and down, crying, hugging, simply losing it.

The afterparty was unusually lavish. There were tables piled with food and the drink flowed freely. What was normally a mutual celebration of athletic achievement and community quickly turned into a pannychis running long into the night.

By the end, most of the food was gone, either scattered about or swelling the bellies of the overindulgent. Who would have a hangover wasn’t the question, rather who would not.

100 Words a Day 484, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 14/20

“You should definitely put ice on that when you get home,” John told Duane before leaving the room.

After he had left, Silvia leaned out from her cubicle, “I wouldn’t listen to Duane if I were you, John. He has a bad habit of Ultracrepidarianism. It’s cause more than a few people trouble at the office.”

“What do you mean?” John asked.

“Well, when Irene was pregnant, he kept telling her it was nonsense that she had to avoid her cat litterbox. Turns out, your baby can develop a lot of problems if it gets a particular bacteria found there.”

Monday, December 16, 2013

100 Words a Day 483, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 13/20

Everyone born in given year was a nameling. This caused a variety of complications because the diversity of surnames was low. The people of the realm devised a number of ways circumvent any confusion resulting from the abundance of identically named people. The first solution parents try is a middle name. This usually works for the first few children, but tradition demands that family names are used, of which there is invariably a small number. The next solution is nicknames. There is much cultural freedom when it comes to selecting a nickname. The problem is finding one that is fitting.

100 Words a Day 482, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 12/20

“You know,” the man began, addressing the auditorium full of students. “Each year, my grade school teacher told me I had to correct my uglyography this year because the next year they wouldn’t tolerate my illegible handwriting and bad spelling.”

He rolled his eyes before continuing.

“Turns out they were about as correct as all those Cubs fans who say that next year is the year.”

A chuckle ran through the crowd. Apparently there was a sizeable out of state demographic.

“I’m pretty sure they told me the same thing when I was about to enter high school, didn’t happen.”

Thursday, December 12, 2013

100 Words a Day 481, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 11/20

“Mullock, that review was mullock! That’s what it was!” Jason said, slamming his beer down on the bar.

His coworkers gave murmurs of agreement.

“Yeah man, that was bullshit. You work way harder than everyone else. You get in before the director and leave last.”

“Thanks for the vote of support,” Jason said, pointing his beer at Steve before taking another swig.

“Sandra!” Jason called to the bartender, “Another beer please.”

“The same?” she asked.


He upended his beer and drained the dregs. By the time he was done, the next cold beer was open in front of him.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

100 Words a Day 480, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 10/20

The iron door shut with a loud thud and the key made a rusty screech as it turned in the lock, leaving the boy in the dark. The only thing he could hear was the headmaster’s footsteps receding towards the basement stairs. Eventually even those faded, leaving the boy alone with his thoughts.

“How long are you going to leave the boy there this time?” The clerk asked the headmaster.

“As long as it takes to sophronize him. We can’t have hooligans like him disrupting our society.”

“Wouldn’t beating it into him be faster?”

“Perhaps, but that’s far too tiresome.”

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

100 Words a Day 479, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 9/20

“We’re gonna starrify!” Victoria exclaimed, throwing her young, thin arms into the air.

“Starrify, what’s that?” Jenna, her babysitter, asked with the enthused confusion that one often assumes when dealing with the antics of young children.

“It’s when you put stars on things, duh!” the small girl replied in exasperation, once again amazed that an adult would be so ignorant of such a simple thing.

“What are we going to starrify?”

“My school notebook, Ms. Medved said we have to decorate them over the weekend. We need to go to the store and get some stickers.”

“Get your coat then.”

Monday, December 9, 2013

100 Words a Day 478, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 8/20

Rachel fidgeted in the examination room, wondering when the doctor would arrive, and held her shivering infant. She did her best to comfort the sick baby.

The doctor entered the room and engaged in the standard courtesies of bedside manner, to put the mother at ease, before proceeding to the examination. When queried, the mother revealed that the infant had not showed any other signs of illness and the fever onset had been sudden. Some basic tests were performed to rule out common illnesses and diseases. Once those results showed negative, the probable cause was ruled as simply a febricula.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

100 Words a Day 477, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 7/20

The Librocubicularist. It was a bar for people like him. Instead of stools and crappy bar lamps, there were small beds with reading lights. The place was so quiet you could hear the beer coming out of the tap. Aside from whispered conversation between the servers and the patrons, everyone was silent. There were no groups of friends having a beer after work. There were no TVs showing sporting events. There were no bros hitting on girls. Everyone was reading. That was the whole point of the bar, to give people a little booze and a place to read quietly.

100 Words a Day 476, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 6/20

It was raining, and that was awesome. Chad didn’t really care one way or another, but girls did. He hadn’t met one yet that wasn’t a pluviophile, (yeah that’s a big word, and not totally a word even, but chicks dig a big vocabulary).

He whipped out his phone and dialed Brittney. Chad often described her as not being the smartest tool in the shed, but she was pretty hot. She answered after a few rings, and after a brief conversation he’d convinced her to have him over, to hang out.

He grabbed some sugary, shitty booze on his way.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

100 Words a Day 475, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 5/20

The conversation of a couple of teenagers, dressed in black accented with generic, edgy band tees and buttons, cut through the general noise of the bus: “It doesn’t matter anyways. Even if she likes me, she won’t eventually and then I won’t have anyone again. I may as well just be sad.”

Neil rolled his eyes and looked at Clint. “I am so sick of such blithering emo bullshit.”

“I hear ya, man. Maybe if they cut their bangs so they could see, they could see all the exciting things that life has to offer. Like your mom for example.”

100 Words a Day 474, Twenty Forgotten Words That Should be Brought Back 4/20

“Once, twice, thrice, and presto!” the old teacher said, waving his wand back and forth with each count before tapping his top hat. A puff of smoke shot out of the well-used thing, quickly followed by the emergence of a rabbit. The white hare looked around in confusion for a moment before settling down next to the hat.

“Now you try,” he said to his young pupil

“Once, twice, thrice, presto,” the boy said, giving his wand a lackluster wave and slamming it against his hat. The force of his blow upset the hat, which emitted neither smoke nor rabbit.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

100 Words a Day 473, Twenty Forgotten Words that Should be Brought Back 3/20

The menu, much like the ingredients in the majority of the dishes, can only be described as a gallimaufry. They describe themselves as a fusion restaurant, and most hipster foodies will say something similar. If they would take their noses out of the air, maybe they would be able to taste what they are eating. Simply smashing two genres of food together as hard as possible and seeing what comes out does not make one an innovative chef. It usually does not even produce anything edible, let alone good. Nowhere is the proof more obviously in the pudding than here.

100 Words a Day 472, Twenty Forgotten Words that Should be Brought Back 2/20

“I won’t stand for your scurrilous accusations!” Hugo shouted, pointing an imperious finger at Victor. The senate turned as one towards Hugo’s opponent, who wore a black, silk suit.

“Scurrilous? Me?” Victor responded, leaning away from Hugo and pointing at himself with long, pale fingers. After a moment he leaned forward and bared his teeth, showing a pair of long, white fangs, “There’s nothing scurrilous about them!”

One of the black-clad men in the senate spoke up in a deep, slow voice, “And what evidence do you have to present, Victor?”

“I’m glad you asked. I summon my first witness.”

Monday, December 2, 2013

100 Words a Day 471, Twenty Forgotten Words that Should be Brought Back 1/20

“Is Huey coming tonight?” Tamara asked.

“No, he said he said his cousin Mabone was in town and his mom is making him hang out with him, “Chadwick replied.

There were several nods and grunts of understanding. Except for Anitra, she wore an expression of judgmental disbelief.

“Cousin Mabone is his bunbury,” she said.

“What the heck is a bunbury?” Kendra asked, her incredulousness overwhelming the empty-headed expression she normally wore.

Anitra rolled her eyes. “Haven’t you read The Importance of Being Ernest?”

She looked around the table, amazed at the blank stares she was receiving from all her friends.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

100 Words a Day 470

He was in the library a lot that summer, though he was rarely reading. Usually he was trying to find an excuse to talk to Veronica, the librarian’s assistant. Mostly he asked her for recommendations. He read all her favorite books that summer, as fast as he could. For the first month he simply read as fast as possible so he would have an excuse to talk to her again. One day she asked him what he thought of the last book he read. The realization that he could ask her what she thought of a book left him dumbstruck.