Saturday, April 30, 2016

100 Words a Day 837

“For the Lake and the Sword!” the knight cried, holding his giant sword overhead.

“For the Queen!” the other responded, raising his ax.

The clash of arms rang through the forest, sending the birds into the air and the foxes into their burrows. Eventually, the knight with the ax fell, his weapon flying from his hand and disappearing into the underbrush.

The sword-wielding knight wrested the prone knight’s helmet from his head.

“Traitor!” the Queen’s knight shouted when his face was exposed.

“Traitor!” he continued, his opponent raised his blade.

“Trai-“ the word was cut off by the plunging blade.

Friday, April 29, 2016

100 Words a Day 836

The skyscrapers had developed their own ecosystems since the disaster. Thick, dark vines with waxy green leaves crawled up the exteriors, obscuring the bland stone. These vines were home to several bird species, who pecked and twisted the vines into nests. Each dawn and dusk their songs created what would have been described as a cacophony, if there had been anyone around to hear it. The birds were preyed upon by spiny, grey lizards, with long, clawed limbs adapted to ascending the brown vines. Above the skyscrapers circled nameless raptors, eager to snatch either lizard or bird in flexing talons. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

100 Words a Day 835

Sir Bedivere rose and drew the magnificent sword from the scabbard at his side. The blade was well-polished, shining in the sun, causing those near him to shield their eyes. The only thing that surpassed it in beauty was the glittering gems ebbed in the pommel. There was beautiful script on either side of the blade, though no one else present was close enough to make out the words. By contrast, the scabbard was plain, made of black leather with silver banding. The inferior quality of the craftsmanship and lack of ornamentation revealed it was much younger than the sword.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

100 Words a Day 834

The creature’s gait was unnatural and uncomfortable. At least, it appeared so to me. I kept as much of myself behind the stone wall as possible as the strange beast loped by. It bore an uncanny resemblance to a man. Where it differed sent shivers of fear down my spine. After a moment, I felt the breeze dance across the prickles on my neck. Suddenly, the thing turned its bestial visage towards my concealment. The large nostrils that occupied the majority of its blunt snout flared and its eyes widened. Its salivating jaw began working as it stalked towards me. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

100 Words a Day 833

The house was usual for the neighborhood. It was two-story, with an attic and a basement, and included a steep, green roof that let the snow slide off. Peach in color, the house looked best in spring, but managed to look bright even during the regular blizzards it endured. The yard looked best in winter. Numerous spidery trees lined the meandering walk up to the front door. They created a white, fluffy tunnel when decorated with snow. The children loved to run under them, whacking each as they went and dumping chilly snowflakes on the person who came behind them.

Monday, April 25, 2016

100 Words a Day 832

A ripple in the calm ocean preceded the emergence of the girl. She glistened in the sun. She gathered up her dark brown hair and twisted it, sending a cascade of cold water down her front. It funneled through the valley created by her ample breasts, which strained against her white bikini top. The water ran over her stomach, before finally passing over the translucent white triangle that covered her groin. Running her hands down her body, she cast the excess water back into the ocean. She left the water, cast off her bikini, and reposed naked under the sun.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

100 Words a Day 831

Animal fury echoed down the cold stone corridors of the fortress. I shivered, wondering if I was destined to meet the mad creature. A prodding from the guard resumed my step, which had been stilled by fear. The howling grew louder as we descended into the ancient innards of the castle. When the sentinel threw open the final door to the dungeon, the screams redoubled in intensity. On the other side of the threshold, the only occupied cell held a man. His appearance reminded me of the bodies I had once seen in a village that had starved to death.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

100 Words a Day 830

The ringing of our swords had not yet reached my ears when I felt his assault upon my mind. I divided my concentration between rebuffing his mental sorties, parrying his blade, and combating his footwork with my own. When there was stalemate in two of those arenas we battled in the third, until by some action one of the stalemates was broken, throwing us back into wild melee. My mental defenses were first to slip and I was stunned for a moment. My belly tightened for an instant and I gasped when the blue blade slashed white-hot across my arm.

Friday, April 22, 2016

100 Words a Day 829

“Let me outline the similarities between the two cases,” the defense attorney said, pacing back and forth in front of the jury.

“First, the victim. Ms. Hicks and Ms. Jefferson were both blonde university students. Both ran regularly. And both favored the color green.”

“Second, both women were killed in the same fashion: brutally cut to bits with a large knife. Their abdomens were opened up, organs strewn about the room. Except for their hearts. Those were never recovered.”

After outlining the other similarities, the attorney walked slowly back to her table and put her hand on her client’s shoulder.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

100 Words a Day 828

Ekreas looked up from the tome he was engrossed in at the sound of the door opening. Framed by the fading sunlight was a tired, dirty Juras. Wordlessly, Ekreas ambled to his small table and pulled out a chair. Equally silent, Juras dragged his feet through the door and slumped into the proffered chair.

Ekreas went about the hut, preparing food and another sleeping pallet. Once it was ready, he put a bowl of stew down on the table. He didn’t say anything to Juras, knowing he would speak in his own time.

He finally spoke up, “You were right.”

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

100 Words a Day 827

I miched at the tree line until nightfall. Seeing no evidence of inhabitation during that whole time, I slunk up to the stone wall. An exploratory stone throw drew no sentries, so I climbed the wall. The bailey was silent and I could see no lights in the keep. I drew my knife and crept down the uneven stone stairs. The door of the main tower was unbarred, opening on squeaking hinges at a light press. I encountered no one by the time I reached the top. They must have abandoned it recently; dust had not accumulated on the furnishings.