Friday, January 29, 2016

100 Words a Day 778

The regular ticking of the clock resounded in my ear, echoing slowly through the canal. Whether or not time had actually slowed down or if it just felt like it, I couldn’t tell. I sat in my chair and tried to stare at the papers in front of me. They were blank, but at least I when I was looking down, I couldn’t see the clock. I fidgeted in my chair, which I could never get to a height that was comfortable, and wished again that I could swap the warm socks and shoes I wore for some comfortable sandals.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

100 Words a Day 777

Geop’s hand grazed the hilt of the sword and he felt its voice in his mind.

“Take me with you,” it said in a whisper that caressed his brain as a summer breeze. Geop turned and picked it up. Its sheathe was attached to a worn, black belt, which he cinched around his waist without thinking. It hung there, largely forgotten, until they returned to the city.

“Draw me,” is commanded softly when another adventurer bumped into him in The Raging Dragon.

Geop met the man’s apology with steel.

“Use me,” the sword continued. Geop’s face twisted and he thrust.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

100 Words a Day 776

Three feet. It wasn’t a long fall. And back at home Blitzkey would have laughed at anyone who told him it was dangerous. Out here though, three feet was more than enough. Three feet onto the hard stone was enough to break his neck, break a wrist, twist an ankle. The list went on. Any of those injuries, assuming he survived them, would limit his ability to get food, defend himself, survive. At home, he would have leapt into the depression, but his time in the wilderness had taught him it was worth taking the time to do things carefully.