Friday, October 28, 2016

100 Words a Day 957

Sara awoke when a bright beam of light landed on her eyelids. Her head shied away. A pain in her neck caused her to open her eyes. She was in the descent ship. It was in shambles. The hull was sheared open and there was a light precipitation falling through the gaping hole. It was cold like snow. But where the snow Sara was used to seeing was white, this was multi-hued. The specks drifted down, melting as they touched the still-warm interior of the shuttle, and created a puddle of multicolored water at the lowest point in the wreck.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

100 Words a Day 956

The explosion sent shrapnel shooting through the shinning sky. Jose thought nothing of it when he felt a chorus of thuds reverberated through the plane. Happened whenever something was blown out of the sky. They needed to see if anything had penetrated the fuselage. He gestured to Harold that he should check it out.

There was no evident damage until he checked on Chris, the belly gunner. He opened the hatch to the gun bubble and found himself confronted by the ground below. Chris was screaming, still connected to the bottom of the plane, but only by his safety harness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

100 Words a Day 955

Kay shivered through the snow, unable to warm up despite the effort of trailblazing. A large mound appeared out of the blizzard. On the leeside she found Casey and Thor. They were huddled together and unmoving. They didn’t respond to her wave or her shouting. When she tapped Thor on the shoulder he tipped over, but otherwise didn’t react.

“Shit,” she said out loud. It was less in response to her companions’ demise and more the realization that her plan to wait out the storm was as useless as she feared it might be.

Abandoning the bodies, she trudged on.