Monday, November 30, 2015

100 Words a Day 736

The marsh was ever encroaching upon the ramshackle town. The buzzing flies, slithering snakes, slimy toads, and bad water were to be found in every cellar. When the swampy land was engorged by the yearly flood, the villagers waded through ankle-deep water wherever they went. And every year, someone lost a foot, a leg, or their life to marsh rot. They made their lives largely in two fashions: selling peat that they cut out of the mire and poisons they cut out of the snakes and frogs that dwelt therein. For the latter, they did brisk trade with the nobility.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Twenty Four - 40,006 Words

The male growled back and the two stalked towards the tent flap.

Outside, the camp had started to come to life. The orcs were slowly emerging from their tents, bleary eyed. After a few more growls and exchanged insults between Skeggi and the male, the clan formed a circle around the two. The two threw themselves at each other. After several moves, the male found himself on his back in the soft sand. The circle disbanded, each orc returning to their morning tasks.

Grika stood with the older female. “It’s true what my sister said. They did flee when the

Sunday, November 22, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Twenty One - 35,021 Words

Grika turned on Betsy’s lights and Skeggi turned on her flashlight. They found themselves in a large underground chamber, barren except for rows of pillars. Grika crept forward, the roar of the engine reduce to a purr. But the sound bounced off the walls enough that anyone would think there was a fleet of buggies in the chamber. Skeggi shined her light around.

“Looks like there’s nothing here,” Skeggi said. “Odd. There’s not even anything down here.”

“Yeah. That’s strange,” Grika said, feeling hear heart beat a little faster. On the far side, there was a spiraling ramp going down.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Eighteen - 29,018 Words

Grika threw a glance over her shoulder. “Shit,” she said. The vehicle bearing down on them was low to the ground, a highway ripper. It wouldn’t be able to follow them onto rough terrain. Unfortunately, it was flat for clicks in every direction. The orc at the wheel was leaning forward and grinning, his eyes hidden by a tinted pair of goggles.

“Keep an eye on them,” Grika said.

Skeggi climbed into the back and grabbed the rifle. Grika put Betsy in high gear and they shot forward. A few moments later the highway ripper increased speed and continued to

Sunday, November 15, 2015

National Novel Writing Month Day Fifteen - 21,059 Words

Skeggi wandered through the food stalls. She fingered some coins she had from Mug still, rubbing them together in her pocket. It was enough for a meal at her favorite stall. The owner dealt in something he called grilled sucker arm. She said it was from the ocean, but it didn’t look anything like a fish. It was a long, rubbery tail festooned with suckers. The preparation involved soaking whatever it was in grog and spices, then skewering it and throwing it on the grill. The meat become tender with a charred exterior, but left Skeggi’s mouth feeling refreshed. Finishing, 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Ten - 12,692 Words

After a few moments, several orcs had clear shots and opened up on the beast. It roared, dropping the orc and turning towards this source of pain and noise. It leapt over the fire pit, causing the orcs hiding behind it to scatter. Those who could, continued to shoot at the silver mouth. Everyone else tried to stay out of the line of fire. Despite the apparent chaos, it was a routine familiar to the Herders. They used this strategy to wear down any large beast that tried to take one of their rothica, though usually they were mounted on

Saturday, November 7, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Six - 10,010 Words

The smell was the first thing that let them know they were near the herders’ encampment. The pungent, sweaty odor couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than rothica. The second thing they noticed was the braying. It was loud and incessant, enough to guide a lost orc home. As it was the hot season the full rothica herd, along with the full orc clan, were present when the companions arrived. It was the first time Wuzwok had seen the full herd, which occupied most of the plain that he could see.

“That’s a lot of rothica,” he said, awe evident

Thursday, November 5, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Five - 8357 Words

The clouds were streaked with a panoply of colors; the orcs believed these streaks were left over from whatever disaster left the planet in ruins before their arrival. When the storm was directly overhead, it began raining. The drops of rain were so numerous, they sounded like a single drone rather than a million plinkings on the rooftop. The wind blew the rain through the open door, saturating the tarp covering the buggy. The water worked its way under the tarp as well, soaking the orcs. The cold rain made them shiver.

When the lightning came, it was as multicolored

National Novel Writing Month: Day Four - 7308 Words

Everyone else was asleep when Skeggi awoke. Restless, she decided to wander the compound. Grika had forbidden her from going into the other buildings, but she wanted to see for herself. Once she was in the open, she turned on her flashlight; it cast a white beam the color of moonlight.  The living quarters was her first destination. Standing at the doorway she hesitated before shinning her flashlight through the large room.  She gasped when her beam fell on the first of the corpses scattered about. Swallowing, she steeled herself and made her way through the room. Her fear quickly

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day Three - 6016 Words

“Wuzwok, go wait with Skeggi,” Azgrim said.

Wuzwok turned towards Azgrim, but made no mood to leave.

Azgrim bared his own fangs, his eyes filling with the promise of violence. Wuzwok saw that look and backed up, dropping his head.

“We’ll get you when we are done.”

He carefully made his way back to the buggy. Skeggi said nothing, having heard his outburst. He climbed into the passenger seat hid his head between his knees.

“You should have let me handle him,” Girka said. “Now he won’t respect me.”

“I’m the boss. And if he doesn’t, we can deal with 

National Novel Writing Month: Day Two - 4220 Words

They bounced onto the tarmac, sending Wuzwok crashing forward and filling the cab with another boom as the rifle discharged, sending a bullet through the floor and the butt into Wuzwok’s teeth. He was dazed and bleeding for a moment. After shaking his head to clear his vision, he crawled over to the side pocket containing the medical supplies. He handed several bandages to Azgrim before putting one to his bleeding lip. It was stained with dark blood when he pulled it away. He righted himself among the mess in the back of the cab and held the cloth to

Sunday, November 1, 2015

National Novel Writing Month: Day One - 2448 Words

It was raised to avoid obstacles; the body was reinforced in case it rolled; and other than the seats, there was ample cargo space to store provisions for longer journeys. As was usual, the owners had made modifications specific to their particular need. There were numerous bits added to hold the variety of tools used to herd rothica. A large platform had been secured to the back to allow it carry riders beyond the original compliment of four as well as provide a place for the gunner to stand when operating the vehicle’s harpoon gun.

The buggy was idling currently