Friday, April 5, 2013

100 Words a Day 233: Into The Uncanny Valley, a Review

In a near-post apocalyptic world, ITUV is the dark Sci-Fi tale of Alanna’s attempt to download her sister into an android. The play presents two androids: Puppytron, an adorable dog, and Alanna’s sister, Majel, expertly played by several puppeteers and the most memorable character I’ve seen in a while. Majel’s triple voice, feet that don’t quite touch the floor, and minimalist appearance combine with her not-quite perfect A.I. personality to create a character that can only be described as unnerving.

Fans of dark Sci-Fi, puppetry, and the generally weird should not miss this unique presentation of a classic genre tale.

You can catch Into The Uncanny Valley at 1333 Milwaukee in Chicago this weekend. For more info:

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