Friday, May 9, 2014

100 Words a Day 610 27 Delightful Obsolete Words It's High Time We Revived 7/27

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“I don’t understand Chicago weather,” Krissy said to Lizzy.

“What do you mean?” she responded.

“It’s December. It’s cold. That makes sense. But one day it’s zero out and the next day it’s thirty five with enough apricity to melt a glacier.”


“So? That’s not normal! Everywhere else it gets colder gradually, with a little variation, through the winter and then gets warmer then.”

“I guess. We are just tougher in Chicago. We roll with the punches.”

“Ooooor people in Chicago are crazy to live here.”

“Psh, you suburbanites are just soft and squishy, getting lost in a cul-de-sac.”

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