Sunday, February 24, 2013

100 Words a Day 195, 36 Plots 32/36

“Did you see Regis has a new cloak?” Gil asked Yurk.

“Yes! I bet he stole it, and I bet Lork helped him!”

“Do I detect a hint of jealous?” Gil asked slyly.

“More than a hint I would say. It’s fine though. Regis won’t have it for long. Soon he’ll be jealous of my new cloak.”

Yurk was about to continue, but he saw Lork slipping through the crowded street.

“There’s that two-faced cutpurse now,” Yurk said. He began walking towards the street.

“Not worth it, Yurk,” Gil said, placing his hand on his friend’s shoulders. “Get him later.”

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